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Barista Skills and Latte Art

A Barista is the name given to the operator of a traditional coffee machine whether in the work or home environment. A Barista is able to manipulate the grinder and espresso machine to obtain the optimum from the coffee bean, as well as being able to perform basic cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Latte art although pretty is not just about aesthetics- Latte art is a display of quality. Without achieving the perfect espresso base and milk consistency latte art cannot be achieved, once these have been realised you’re on your way to realising the dream of your first rosetta.

At Coffeepro we can start you on your journey towards perfection!

Starting with your equipment setup and maintenance including:
Grind Settings
Gram Throws
Brew Temperature
Brew Pressure

Great Espresso is essential, training in various methods of:

When it comes to your milk we trace the story back to the cow to ensure perfect consistency along with developing foaming technique to achieve micro foam! Including:
Organic v Regular
Milk Processing

Having developed these techniques we move onto develop latte art in its
various forms including:

Latte art is not a skill acquired over night; it takes a lot of time, patience and practice! Over time customers are realising that the beautiful pattern on their coffee not only provides the height of presentation but represents the seal of a true Barista.

pictures of Coffee Pro vans and warehouse

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