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Fair Trade Coffee - What is it?

Fairtrade does what it says on the label; it guarantees a better deal to producers in the developing world.

This means a stable price which covers their production costs, along with a premium that their organisation will be able to reinvest either in the business or social and environmental schemes among the wider community.

Too many farmers in the developing world have to contend with fluctuating prices that may not even cover what it costs to produce their crop.

So Fairtrade can make a big impact on their day-to-day life. And on their future and that of their family.

Cardiff Coffee Company are proud to stock and sell this fine product. Please consider ordering or trying this coffee - it really does help the produces and ultimately makes sure that you get stable supplies of your favourite Coffee beverage.

All images on this page are the property of the Fairtrades Foundation and are used with kind permission.

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